Make your next move, a Home Run

  • We were happy to help the folks at #PandaPodHotel donate 80 surplus mattresses to folks in Richmond and the Lower Eastside. Everyone deserves a comfy place to sleep! 😄😴
  • If you stay ready. You don't have to get ready. #homerunmovers #hustle
  • Today we helped the friendly and talented @louise_degagne pull a smooth move into a sweet new spot at 1000 Parker. Make sure to check out her stuff at the @culturecrawl in November. We don't always move art studios, but when we do, we like it to be our neighbour's --- fortunately in East Van, there are a lot of them! :)
  • We have a lot to learn about moving from Ze Germans. No elevator? No problem! 😲😄😎 --- the boys over at @activ_umzug are NEXT LEVEL. Literally! 🙌🏻